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Now, go hug Cas up there. And drag Amy and Rory.


eating in class when ur not supposed to


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this is painfully accurate.

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70 years later and people are still fangirling over Zuko.

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kitten meeting the sun for the first time


Meanwhile, David Tennant:

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also can we talk about the fact that Clara Oswald doesn’t have to be “tough” to be brave

Like she is crying and shaking and openly admits that she’s terrified

but she still stands her ground and refuses to yield and trusts that the Doctor will come for her

and I just really appreciate showing that kind of strength because that’s not a kind of strength that gets portrayed a lot


i literally find every iteration of this meme HILARIOUS no matter what fandom it involves



The initial bidding for The Word of God

sometimes supernatural is sad

and then sometimes stuff like this happens

But can we talk about the third gif where Sam is like What. Crowley, how dare you. she is a piece of art

and Dean’s like hmm; good bid, good bid.